TRACS - Tobacco Replenishment Automated Control System

Why was TRACS developed?

  • —Tobacco still #1 category in convenience; sales remain steady overall
  • —Most expensive inventory item
  • —Tobacco consumer is extremely loyal to their brand…you only get 1 chance to have their brand in your store
  • —To reduce out of stocks or missed sales
  • —To increase sales and profits
  • —To retain MVP’s at your store (Most Valuable Patrons)
  • —Don’t forget about ancillary sku sales via MVP’s (i.e., fuel, candy, soda, etc…)!
  • —To improve cash flow either through increased sales or reduced inventory
  • —Manufacturer Program Compliance (CMO5, RJRT, etc…)
  • —Eliminate “dead” inventory

How does TRACS work?

  • Send inventory instead of sending orders
  • Provides a detailed report card to corporate or independent owners to ensure correct data is being sent
  • TRACS uses data and sophisticated EOQ to replenish (lead time, order cycle, safety stock, bill to, seasonality, etc…)
  • Input manufacturer contracts in advance…very easy!
  • Eliminate dead inventory starting on day 1
  • Reports and internal help available at all times!
  • TRACS is absolutely free to you!