Resource Central

  • Web-based Price Book Maintenance
  • —Item Authorization
  • Retail Maintenance
  • Purchase History reporting
  • Edit pending orders


  • Smart Cipher (authorized file with average weekly order)
  • Web-based ordering

—TRACS - —Tobacco Replenish Automated Control System

POS Support - Support all backoffice and EDI environments

Pick-to-Tote order check-in

—Weekly Inbox reporting

  • New items
  • Discontinued items with replacements
  • Deleted items

—Service Portal

  • Every call – corporate, store, and driver – is documented by opening a case and applicable workflow is initiated
  • Task creation and flow created and tracked
  • Browser and Tablet compatible

—CallCopy software (calls are recorded and synchronized to the Customer Service Agent's computer) 

Improv - —We customize anything - connect to anything - and make sure we have a solution for anything requested